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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
That is how most of my route is too these day and I have a br600 that has made life nice on these group of homes.

I do totally understand the OP's question though because when I first started out down here and the route was not as dense...the little handheld do make a lot more sense. Especially if they are a secondary blower.
I'm not debating a hand held vs back pack. I'm just curious on the size of back packs? br420 vs br600 for just small lawns etc. I was also asking about using both at the same time like having the back pack on and using a hand held on windy days or to get over those really bad resod jobs that have roots showing now. I just recently bought a small 3 gallon hand held sprayer instead of putting on the big shindaiwa to hit three weeds I can grab the hand held and whack out faster than I can put the back pack on.
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