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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
Stihls are true 4 strokes. They just have a different oiling system. That would be like saying that an engine with a dry sump oiling system isn't a true 4 stroke because most 4 strokes use a wet sump oiling system...

It doesn't matter how the oiling is accomplished. To be a true 4 stroke an engine only needs to have 4 strokes in a power cycle which the Stihl engines do.

That said...

When did Dolmar come out with a new design. I know they have had a 4 stroke design for a while now.
I agree Richard, I suppose I should have worded it differently. I'm wanting to avoid mixing fuel as much as possible. With the price of my favorite oil being so high and considering the amount of mixed fuel I burn in a week, it would be waayy cheaper in the long run to transition to non-mix units. Not to mention, it seems like one of my guys will straight gas a trimmer or blower about once a year.
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