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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Lucky that the CPO is nothing like me. I say this because homeowners, their "landscapers" or yard people putting anything other than their feet or a lawn mower on the lawn without checking in with me and the account is fired. The irrigation controller is also under my control as well. Someone setting that to under water or over water.....fired. On the other hand, I do hold up my end of the deal. There is no such thing as certain weeds left in the lawn because I cannot control them. Correction: will not control them because the protocol to do so costs time and money. It might mean applying some expensive products more than once, but if that is what it takes, I am doing it.

I am with Patriot Services, find a better CPO. But prepare your customer. A good one is not cheap and the way he works would be similar to how the soup nazi on Seinfeld ran his restaurant.
Comparing yourself to the soup Nazi, that's hillarious from your posts it is a great analogy, too funny. Guy called me yesterday looking for a quote on tree work, I told him I would be right out to take a look. He then says he has four other guys coming and will be going with the lowest price. I told him the work could be done correctly or cheaply but rarely both and I wasn't quote for you!
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