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Originally Posted by LawnMan19 View Post
That dump insert is looking good, I can't wait to see the '99 all painted and lettered up. I really like the dark blue on your '06 so you will have a real nice looking pair of Chevy's.
Thanks! Theres a running joke between my buddy and I cuz he gives me a hard time about painting everything and having all my stuff look nice and he always says "it doesnt have to be pretty to make you money" which is true, but I like when you pull up to a job and the trucks are the same color and the guys are all wearing the same shirt (or just wearing a shirt PERIOD!), everything is clean and all the equipment works and there isnt a puddle of oil or whatever when you pull away. I think all that looks professional and thats important to me! So yes that truck not being blue has been driving me nuts all winter!
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