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Originally Posted by jaybow View Post
you ever have any problems with your Echo blowers? I have had the 751T for a few years, and it has always ran flawlessly, until the coil burnt out this past fall. Not having time to repair it in the middle of fall cleanups, I replaced it with the newer red one, I think its the 770T, It ran pretty good for the few times I used it last fall, I have started it up maybe 2 or 3 times over the winter, and each time it has ran a little worse, it idles great but bogs when I try to rev it. What should I do, i have always ran stihl 2cycle oil, until last fall I picked up a couple of bottles of the cheap stuff not having time to get to the dealer to get what I usually run. Snow blower ran ok with it, but I have had a bad time with all my Echo equipment, Coil went on my srm230, the 751T, and now the 770 T isn't running right. In the future I think any trimmers, edgers, or blowers I purchase will be Stihl. So what should I do, I am gonna get some fresh gas, stihl 2 cycle mix, and should I add some sea foam or something?
I bought 2 of the blowers in November and the other one in December of 2011. I haven't had any problems yet. I have 3 older (2009) PB-620 that I had to clean the carbs a few times. First, start using Mid grade fuel, that's what I did. I would use some sea foam, but most importantly use a synthetic 2 stroke mix after you clean the carb out.
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