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Full day with 3 guys??? Are you using 32" walkbehinds lol?
I really dont want to create an argument here since I am new to the forum and I respect and appreciate everyones input here but I am just a little baffled by the fact you guys think it will take such a long time to mow an area that size. I have mowed open acreage this size many times before and if you have a good crew its not a big deal.
Here is what the productivity should be based on my experience......
I dont have experience with walkers but I assume they are just as productive as other ZTRs
Mower #1 Exmark 60"
Mower #2 Walker 72"
Mower #3 Walker 72"

Total width of 17ft so lets say 15ft to cover for overlap.

Average Mowing Speed in Wide open weekly cut Lawn 5mph(actual) Based on ZTR rated at 9mph once you factor in turning and cutting speed comes to around 5mph

5 (mph) X 5280ft(1mi)= 26400ft linear distance covered per hr

26400ft X 15ft (cutting width)= 396000 Sq ft covered per hr

396000 divided by 43500(approx 1 acre) = 9.1 acres per hr

That comes to about 3.5 hrs to do the job. So lets say 4 hrs

500/4 = $125 per hr per crew

-200 Wages
-105 Mower and Mower Fuel Operating Cost
- 15 Truck and Fuel ( Assuming Half Day Truck Use and Fuel on Route to Other Jobs)
- 20 Misc Office and Other Expenses
$160 Profit before Taxes send out the guys to do it. I agree its not great but its not bad either to add around another 4k profit to the year. If you had a full schedule of jobs like that at that profit rate you would add another 50k a year to your profit before your personal or corperate tax based on an 8 month growing season. Now tell me if you think Im still wrong.
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