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You can mow 33 acres in 3.5 hours with 3 mowers. Its wide open area. I am not sure why a guy is posting this question. First of all, if you are already in the business, one should know how to price something. Second, if a guy is used to mowing small areas, residential, light commercial, how can you give a resonable answer to this? Also, on areas like this, you have no reason to buy a Jacobsen mower. Its one job. I own two Jacobsen R311T mowers, but we mow 450 acres a week! I think I read $1500 is what someone would charge for this, really? I am not sure why anyone ask or answers the questions about what to charge. It all depends on what your area can and will pay. I know out here in the middle of Iowa, I cant charge near what others do, especially on plowing snow. The market just won't bear the higher prices. These questions are kind of funny to read, but even more comical when I read the responses.
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