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Uplight a marquee located in city easement? Solutions / suggestions invited

Hello all,

Next question... I have a client I did a small landscape for a few years ago, including lights. It's a small building located in the older part of my home town. Out in front, they have a couple of galvanized steel poles planted in a lawn area that they use to hang temporary banners and stuff for different events that they have now and then.

So, I ran a couple of PAR36 well lights out to the spot where they'd uplight the banners when they're in place. A simple toggle switch inside the building, which was easy to do in this case turns them on/off independent of the two other zones.

Good in theory, not so good in practice. The well lights fill up with bermudagrass clippings when they mow and the screw-top grate covers are showing the wear from me unscrewing them for cleaning.

So the client wants something else. Something other than plain ol' well lights, that will uplight his sign and will be durable when he mows and/or trims around them.

So I'm not sure what to do, or what fixture to use. It's gotta be something low-maintenance that will uplight the temporary banners he puts out (about 2' x 6', hung up at eye level).

Another concern I have is that this is a city easement area right next to the curb. NOT that the city might come tear it up someday, but just the proximity to where people are out walking the street at night.


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