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Originally Posted by MisterBreeze View Post
Bocephus, Skynyrd, Rush (Limbaugh that is)
is that why they call you the breeze?

311 about 80% of the time when i'm mowing...christian anything would make me blow my head off and the pop music that is on these days is terrible...think about it, think of a pop song that was popular a few years was famous for about 3 weeks and will never be heard again...every generation has good songs that turn into classics, i highly doubt that will happen with the current generation of music...after about '97 music started to go downhill...70's had classic rock, 80's definitely had a different sound but still had a good sound, i guess, and the early 90's had the grunge era which is probably my favorite, then that turned into rap until about '97, then rap turned way too mainstream and lost it's meaning...after that i don't even know how to categorize music...even country has a rock mix to it these days, which actually doesn't sound bad, just different

with all that said i love music and it pretty much has to be terrible for me to turn it off...and this post might make me sound like i'm 62 haha, but i'm only 26

i should also add that i dj'd from jr. high thru college, and that was fun...but now i don't even care to stay up on the latest stuff so i pretty much gave it up, just can't stand what is being made anymore
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