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Welcome aboard and I will chime in as to why some post whether by you or another new comer are noted answered/replied. Most of the questioned a new member post have generally been already answered. Try using the search engine on this websites and you would be surprise as to how many responses will come up to your questions. Such as how to go legit, getting a dba, insurance, which mower is the best, how do I bid/get a commercial contract, etc. Iíve done a lot of searches on this website and some have taken me up to an hour to read. This forum has a wealth of information supplied from LCOís.
3 lawn mowers
1 aerator
1 walk behind edger
2 BP blowers
3 trimmers
1 multi tool w/ hedge trimmer and edger attachment
2 shovels
1 rake
1 broom (worn out needs replacement soon)
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