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Got my business cards Friday. Just starting out this season part time (weekends only). Saturday I got out with about 50 cards, knock knock knock on most yards in my 2 mile radius and in my neighborhood. got 1 person starting April 1. extreem overgrowth and needs sprinklers fixed, flower beds, bush removal, etc etc. going to be a profitable one. also got a complete sod job. of the people who werent home or didnt answer, i simply left my card. people who werent interested at all i thanked them. heck everyone i thanked. people who said they mow their own laws, i offered pressure washing driveway or gutter cleanouts, etc etc... something they might not have thought of and need soon. i felt pretty good about getting out there.

one thing i wish i had though, after being in front of a few people, was a flyer to go along with my business card with more details on what i can provide to them. even a few estimate sheets and calculator or something. i need to get a binder with all this in there.
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