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Acceptible Estimating Vehicle

I've been giving a lot of thought to what kind of vehicle I should be using for estimates lately.

What does a Homeowner want to see a landscaper/hardscaper pull up to their house in? What fits the profile? Does it really matter?

For me, a truck has been the norm since I started. I've varied the "truck" from a half ton, to mini truck, to 3/4 ton, and presently a 1 ton.

Customers have told me they like the clean image we portray and it is a factor in their selection process. The truck tells a person that I am here to work and this is the tool of my trade. Am i right?

Would switching to a more practical car or SUV for this task be a bad idea?

I'm at the point of disbelief in our annual fuel costs and vehicle maintenance and want to change some things.
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