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Good words

Originally Posted by zspeed130 View Post
A friend that got me started gave me the same advise along with charging the right but fair amount so I WANT the job. Things have went well and I have never looked back.

Few more things,

Hand saw, foldout type like a gerber (it has saved me trouble AND made me money). I cut a 6" 12ft pine down for a contractor buddy last year and made $100 in 10min because he wanted it down RIGHT THEN!


Pack your lunch, snacks and water. This is a hard one for me because I love fast food/junk snacks. You will feel better and be $50-$60 richer each week!

Great site guys!

This will be the beginning for me as I open up my own landscaping maintenance/firewood Biz. and as I was reading thru I noticed the above mentioned explanation for the cut, blow and go. PERFECT! ...and I'm running with that one!

I'd also like to confess when reading about "SPARE TIRES AND FIX A FLAT! PLUG KIT!!AIR TANK!!!" I was like "C'mon already!" But as I read on guys GOT ME! Out with "the old" and in with "the new". Change takes time and what the H--- do I know anyway right? Worked in the Biz for years but never ran my own. GOOD WORDS fellas! MUCH Appreciated!
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