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Originally Posted by joelslawncare View Post
If this is a turnoff then what should I do for advertising then? I'm not looking for negitave comments! Just helpful advice to market to new customers? Should I leave a flier? Buy yard signs? Any advice would be appreciated!
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Doing exactly what you are doing has gotten me great results! I don't go at times when people would be eating or sleeping or anything (I'm sure you don't either) I would usually go around 2 or 3 pm. If the door said no soliciting I would not go to that door. Maybe people are working at the time maybe not but I would say about half of the people answered on each block.
I introduced myself as living on their block or the next block over so they would not immediately be thinking "I just want this guy to leave so I could go back inside". I believe by saying I lived nearby gets their attention and they listen. I am 21 and I gave them my whole line about how I am a college student looking to make money to pay for college and all that.

I only saw two possible approaches to trying to get accounts:
1-Drop fliers on their door step which they probably will throw out (I tried that first and got no calls)
or 2-Speak to them in person and introduce myself which got me 4 accounts right off the bat and then those 4 people talked to others on their block and now I have 12.

Keep doing what your doing!
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