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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post

The surface roots of the tree die. The ground becomes barren and dusty, even hydrophobic is some instances.
And that is the same issue with thatch in the turf, because it serves the same functions as mulch does for shrubs and flowers.
It eliminates bad things like wild temperature swings, wild moisture swings, wind and water erosion, ect...
It promotes some good things like building soil structure at least at the contact point, allows the water to slow and soak, eventually increasing perculation, food and shelter for earthworms, etc., etc...

My question is:
Why doesn't the organic forum have any clue to what I'm talking about? Mechanical dethatching is organic?

I don't know the best way to do Southern grasses, but somebody in the South must have done something organically and would have an understanding, even if just an experience to pass along...
Maybe they are all using Lolium perenne.

Food for the soil food web is GOOD.
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