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I don't think that what you show up in to give an estimate is as big as deal as many would think, for the most part. Out here in So Cal I am starting to see more and more of the bigger companies putting their sales people and supervisors in small cars and hybrids. I think as long as you're rolling around in a modest vehicle and not a BMW or a Mercedes there isn't really an issue. When fuel prices were up around $4 a gallon last spring I went out and bought a Chevy Cruze to roll around in. It sure as hell gets better mileage than my truck does. On days when I know I need the truck I will drive it but on the days where I know I will spend most of the day driving and on the freeway I'll take the car. At 38 mpg on the highway it sure uses a lot less fuel than my truck does. Fuel prices are only going to increase so eventually I think that for most of us the issue will be forced and we'll all have to seriously consider smaller more fuel effeicent vehicles for wherever they fit into our fleets. In the year that I have been driving my Cruze around none of my clients have said anything. I had one who just causally asked in conversation and after I explained the reasoning to him he agreed that it made a lot of sense. Most people are smart enough to understand what makes for good business sense. As long as what you are driving isn't flashy or looks too expensive I think you can get away with it.
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