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I don't know why any company would collect all clippings all day. It takes away nutrients form the lawns and limits the organic matter that could be added naturally to the soil to improve the health of the lawn. University research has shown that taking clippings off a lawn all season basically takes away the equivelant of 1 fert. application a year of nitrogen from the turf. If I were you guys, I would show your customers this information (especially the ones that are really a pain for you to collect at) and see if you can get them to understand that collecting clippings doesn't do anything for the lawn (unless the clippings are are so thick that they don't decompose fast enough between mowings or there is a disease issue). GThen you might not have so much grass that you have to get rid of. Just a suggestion for you all that have customers convinced that clippings must be collected

here are a couple of pubs. (Mich. State is a good one)
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