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I assume I'll get around 8mpg. I'll save in maintenance on the trailer as mine is tandem and I go through $500 in tires every year alone on that stupid thing. Tire scrub sucks turning on the tandems. Also, I only currently get around 9-10 mpg my computer says 12.5 but it lies. 2010 f150 supercab 4.6 3 valve. I know I'm going to spend more in fuel but in my situation I've out grown one do it all trailer into needing a dump and hauling a dump behind my little f150 every day would really suck. That brings out the need for a mowing trailer and a dump trailer. I could kill both birds with a small dump truck. Also, this frees up my f150 to do estimates and I could in theory have two guys mow a few lawns and drive the other truck while I run and do a few estimates and catch up later on. Then there is the situation where to park the extra trailer so reoccurring storage fees come into play. I can fit a dump truck into my shop beside my house. I would have to leave one trailer out and this could become a loss from theft or to the eliminates.
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