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Originally Posted by MR-G View Post
If you are just doing basic lawn care ( mow,trim,edge,blowdown, and a little hedging) then a good solution is any full size pick up (v-6)with a ramp in place of tailgate..racks bolt to top rail of bed and we eliminate the trailer far as hauling debris we just bag/bundle everything and leave for the customers most are paying for it in their taxes anyway....(large amounts of debris say from a major clean up is a different story and would be hauled away by a different rig and billed according to the estimate of the job) day to day maintenance needs to be extremely efficient in order to make a good net $$.......we are running lower hp. mowers with slightly smaller decks...a 25-27hp and more is not an efficient way to do small residential accts. we can burn through 12 gallons in one day with our 52-70 inch 27-30hp mowers in a day.....and yes they cut a ton of grass every day but cost a lot to run...the accts that they do pay for them....a small residential house is not profitable enough to cover the operating cost of these mowers....our residential crews are running 17-18hp 44-48 inch decks and can run all day on 6 gallons....and cut the same amount of lawns in a day...the only way a big mower pays off is when its going non-stop 8 hrs a day.....not stop and go all day on a resi. route or when you get the 3 ft tall clean ups......

Sorry I just don't see how anyone leaves debris at the curb at a customers house. First off, its against almost all the city codes here in CFL. Secondly, it looks like crap; nice lawn and hedges with 4 bags of trash on the curb.
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