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Stander is way safer especially here where retaining walls (seawalls basically) are normal to run across. Both can usually handle about the same hills I just know I can jump off the back of a stander and not get pinned under it in the water and drown. Also, standers are more compact. My 48 is 58.5 inches long about 2 ft shorter than a standard sit down. I don't have to climb all over my trailer to get on my mower to sit down I can walk right up the gate and right onto the mower and go. I can get off or pick up trash easily in the next pass without much effort. I can also kick stuff out of the way like balls etc without having to stop the mower. I can mow under trees without having to put myself under the tree and get scratched up. They can turn around in small back yards with less of a foot print.
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