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Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
Funny I never see anyone on this Florida forum talking about verti cutting they do. I think it absolutely is a service mostly untapped. So who on here actually owns a vert cutter? From mikes fert guy saying he doesn't know anyone who does it to all the people I do it for who say they can't find anyone to do it. I'm not saying anyone is reinventing the wheel, but this is a service most people don't truly provide and own the equipment to do it. Maybe your town is a unique situation full of companies de thatching?
Being that I lived in SWFL it is a totally different breed of people here. Down there it seems more people are use to having grass and dumping money into it every year from them being from the north. Here it seems we have more home growns and lawn hacks. They seem to think Crabgrass is St Augustine and that Zoysia is what's on golf courses.
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