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Originally Posted by unkownfl View Post
Mike, you will hardly be the only one doing it. I haven't done well selling it. Seems like fert companies talk them into core aerating and then I end up making the money up on fixing irrigation wires and pipes. I guess you can't win on both sides. I have a dethatcher though but it verticuts I guess this is what you guys are talking about. Hard fixed blades and not the thin wire kind. It use to be used on my grand parents Bermuda after the rye starts to die out.
The only reason I am doing this first one is I have a customer that every year ask me if I know of anyone. I do not and I have called several connections here locally asking anyone if they know anyone who does trying to help this guy out. Nobody that I know in the local green industry knows of anyone. So when I called to inform the homeowners L and O company the owner got really excited. He said if I wanted more he would throw lots of work my way as he did not know anyone that did it either. We will see. I have one of the other chemical sales reps informed now to as of a few minutes ago. He said he has a few people in mind that have seville in full sun that he knows would be interested. We will see but it sounds promising.

I can see the market being here because of those from up north are familiar with it on their cool season they can understand it and know the benefits ......well if you tell them it is dethatching that is.
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