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Originally Posted by stonebridge View Post
depending on the stander your using and tire pressure, sound like a operator error, not the standers fault. wrights,toros exmarks will grab hills john deere, gravely, everride, great dane, lesco still do but not that much. i have owned all of them and used them in all conditions. technique and setup of morew is key. i can cut all my yard with a 52'' stander just as fast as my 60'' dixie. with less damage to the yards. open field get a zero turn, houses i would do standers
That's the whole freakin problem, it grabs and tears the turf! I'm talking strictly on hills, not flat turf! It's very frustrating, I had to end up doing some of my accounts with my 21" on the hilly sections so as not to tear the turf thus cutting my productivity wayyyy down, thereby defeating the whole purpose of switching to a stander to begin with. I dare not get on another hill with the dang thing, actually probably going to end up selling it before the season goes into full swing.
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