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Originally Posted by RockSolidLLC View Post
Tell me about it! I think most of those ppl failed due to lack of information. I went to the Tuesday and WED class in the first session and the ROW class in the last. When they were talking about what had been discussed in the prior days i was pissed because none of it was discussed in the first session. My brother took the ROW the first go around and he was pissed at the amount of additiond due to a "rush" they had been planning it since may. Just sayin

I think the problem is that they really hadn't been planning since May... the rules were changed last May at the State level, but the courses were only really pulled together this winter, when John Deere Landscapes stepped up to sponsor them, and Cooperative Extension put it together. For the summer and most of fall what little I could get was barely more than rumors. An inspector told us about the new certificates back in August - but no-one seemed to know anything more until the NHLA newsletter "feelers" in the fall.
Anyone know how the old style certificates were taught?

I am really glad now, that I waited for the second session, even if it means the orals will be dragged out into late spring.

How did the exam go, if you don't mind my asking?
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