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Originally Posted by headz77 View Post
Yes, as mentioned above, if the levels of copper get too high it can harm the fish. But, when monitored, it can be effective. I am not a scientist so I won't argue long term safety. Most of my koi clients have fish that are worth thousands of dollars- so they are very well monitored. We have had no issues.
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You may not see any symptoms of Copper toxicity for years. No long term tests have been done with these devices. One should, however, keep in mind that Copper, like all other Heavy Metals is a bio-accumulate. It is retained primarily in the liver and also the kidneys of all fish. Once the lethal level is reached, fish mortality WILL occur. Any client that is presently using these devices or is contemplating their use should be apprised of this long term risk. Failure to do so could lead to litigation, especially in regards to the more expensive Koi, and the contractor will be the one left holding the bag, not the manufacturer.
It is my understanding that Atlantic is considering changing their marketing and recommending their device ONLY for non-life supporting features.
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