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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I'd almost be willing to go work with one of you guys for a day for free that have standers and are using them on steep hills so you could show me where I'm going wrong, mine simply won't do it without tearing turf.
If you are ever in western PA you are more than welcome to join me for a day of mowing with my Grandstand. Hilly terrain is very common here. So what is considered a "hill" is very subjective depending on what area of the country you live in. After using my Grandstand for an entire season I can tell you without a doubt there are limits to where you can take this mower. I found myself using a pushmower a little more this past season as opposed to previous years when I ran my ferris wb as my primary mower. Don't get me wrong, the Grandstand for what it is does handle moderate hills very well but in some conditions it is not a viable choice. Even with this drawback, I still feel the gs was a wise investment for my business. The handling, agility, speed and comfort of this mower far outweigh the few negative aspects.
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