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YOu totally missed the whole point of this topic! its the custmers!!! if it werent 4 them we wont be able to work! i always bring<br>A SMILE with me when i mow! and spead some chear into a persons life! they are wonderful peolpe out there who need us to help them but be kind to them spend some qualitly time! they ALL know my life my childern and what im up too. they are also some of my best freinds! they give me adivce!<br>give me stuff they dont use anymore. and they<br>listen and i listen to them! some of my people dont have anyone in there life! can you imagine being all alone! i try to brighten there day with some chatting i bet its the only people to people they get. you<br>some day will be old and i hope some young jerk like you egnoer u! my parents told me to have respect to old peolpe or any one inmatter of fact! treat peeolpe as u do!wanted to be treated. i could go on and on about this! but im wasting my breath!<p>ALL YOU IN HERE ARE ALL WORRIED ABOUT MAKING THE $ AND NOT .....<br>whatever i try my hardest to please my custmers i do extras WITHOUT PAY! (sometimes)<br>i talk and listen<br>i do the best job and ill come back if its not right!(havent been back YET!!!!!)<br> IF YOU DO TALK.............<br>you build a trust<br>you get to know things<br>you get conncetions!<br>you get referals!!!!!<br>u get a good feeling<br>u get time to rest<br>your lawn mower get a rest!!!!!!!<br>ect ect ect ect<p>but there are some who go over board! LOL<br>I DONT lie i tell them the turth!<br>i got another lawn to do<br>or im busy ill stop by on sunday and chat<br>but i alawys spend some time with them at lease 5-10 mins and i hope! you rest on the sabath! ~mark~ godbless
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