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The "bike job" was for reclaiming an overgrown property that had been on the market for some time and was recently purchased by my customer, and for maintaining it thereafter.

The VW van was not a "hippy mobile". We're talking a modern $30,000+ vehicle sparkling clean and fully loaded with all options. In fact it was great for estimating because it had the weekender package which includes a little pop-out dinette a portable office. I got nothing but positive comments on it when I used it for estimates. I could sit in comfort and prepare the estimate on my laptop, print it out and review it with my customer, sitting face-to-face with them since the middle row seats face backwards. There was even standup height in it with the top popped up. I just sold it a couple of weeks ago for 2/3 of what I paid for it new, and it was 10 years old.

Here it is next to the Altima I got instead.
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