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If more than a bit hilly:

Perhaps standers possibly begin(??) to be useful around ~48"+. No magic line intended, but a stander mower narrower than 48" will put more directional force on the lowside wheel/tire than a 52" well as putting less than a 44". No rocket science insinuated. The same logic goes for a sit-down/ it seems to get way worse when approaching 36". These mower/deck size parameters effect the size of the drive tires to displace the mass.

When you look at the weights of these mowers, it really is astounding...
THEN you add the weight of the operator into the equation.

Would be interesting to see where the center of balance/gravity really is when it comes to standers vs riders/ztr's. Most certainly, one must take into account the weight of the operator as well as his own center of gravity.
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