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Jarod, I'm sure somewhere it has been mentioned before, but do you usually stick to one brand of block product from job to job? If so, what is your preferred brand and why? I guess depending on the answer to that question, my next would be if you're not brand-loyal to one in particular, how are you selecting certain product for certain jobs? Will you ever use multiple brands of block on one project or do you try to keep that uniform throughout the project?

I've been looking at the way I'm doing things, and would like to get my feet wet in the hardscape side of things as a way to sell more complete jobs so we have been going to a lot of the block company shows and events to check out the different manufactures. My thought was to pick ONE thats going to have the best product, best contractor support and good availability and then stick with them. That way, we're familiar with that line of block and how to work with it so we're not re-learning things every time we do hardscaping (which prob wont be that much) as well as have good relationships with the dealers and reps. Just wondering what your take is on it.

As always, phenomenal work and great business and industry insight! You truly are an inspiration!
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