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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
how do you tear up turf mowing a hill straight up and down???

i mow the hills i have using all 4 directions.......

horizontal, vertical and both diagonal directions. none tear up the turf
To answer question posed above, I have always had trouble on the steepest hills (over 30 degrees) operating a zero-turn mower (stander, walkbehind etc etc doesn't matter what kind) going straight down a slope. Any mower when it brakes traction going straight down a hill is going to tear up turf. The physics of having 90% of the weight of the machine in front of the tires on any zero-turn raise the risk of sliding greatly when going straight downhill especially if one hits a bump and jars the machine (I haven't mowed a hill yet that was perfectly smooth on the slope). What usually tears up the turf is tires trying to keep grip going in this direction and then when the machine starts to slide, the turf gets scraped down to the dirt till the machine gets grip.

I don't want to sound like a Toro salesman but these are some comments from personal experiencs. The way that standers try to fix the above problem is they try to move the downward force or " center of gravity" more toward the drive tires which gives more control. The way Toro has improved their design beyond other such as wright and dane and gravely is they do everything that a walk-behind and a sit-down mower does for a similiar cost (at least in my area cause I bought two last year after alot of research, demo, and ownership time on all kinds of other mowers) AND they are the only mower where the operating postion is BEHIND the drive tires with a generous sized rubber mounted platform giving maximum ability for the operator to comfortably use their body weight as a movable ballast to control the machine.

This option has made going straight down a hill easier because the operator can get more grip by putting my feet on the very back of the platform and leaning back as far as they can which gives maximum downward force on the rear tires. So if you think about the physics of it all, the grandstand design in general is better than any other mower out there in my experience and opinion
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