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Originally Posted by stonebridge View Post
the 36'' and 40'' don't hold hills that good tire are to narrow and weight is not distributed for hill sides, was going to buy one but neither one help as good as my 52'' toro grandstand
That's the conclusion I've come to also, I bought the 40" because it was the perfect size for doing my Apt Complexes where there are a lot of little nook and cranny places and I thought it would save on the trimming, and it does, but then I gained another complex that had some sizeable hills and ditches and the problems began.

As for turning up the hill I do that but I have to turn at the bottom because there is no level place to turn so I'm kinda in a weird situation with it, I will start going up and backing down the next pass like you said it should work if logic proves to be right.
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