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Originally Posted by woodlawnservice View Post
I'm reading my books and studying for my applicatrs test but these books now have me more confused than ever. Lol here's my senerio. I need to spray a product at 1.8 oz a sprayer is 25 gal with 2 floodjet nozzles number 3 an grey spaced 40" apart and 16" off the ground. My affective spray pattern is 5 ft. In 200 ft it takes me 35 seconds( 4mph more r less) each nozzle puts out 44 oz in that time frame. Im confused now at this point. I think this puts me at 21gal an acre. That seems aweful high to me for spraying herbicides pre em and post ems?? Should i b ok or replace my nozzles with smaller ones to get me in the range of say 13 gal an acre? Also could i not just speed up to get that number down lower? Now if I need 1.8oz of product per acre .how do I figure in how much to add to my 25 gal tank and how much area my tank will cover? Also say I add two chemicals , do I still use the suggested rate on the label for both of them or do I have to cut it back to a less rate? Thanks
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Actually, according to your figures you are spraying about 7/10ths of a gallon/K or about 30 gallons/A. In a 25 gal tank you would use 1.5 oz for the proper solution.
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