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Originally Posted by Hineline View Post
One tank will go 35K so take 35 x's 1.8 oz/K =63 oz/tank of product.
You rounded off you math. a 25 gallon tank will cover 36,360 sq ft or 36 1/3 K times 1.8 equals 65.45 oz of product per 25 gallon tank


Once you have your Boom calibrated the rest is rather simple. You now know your 25 gallon rig covers 36.3 K. Half Fill your tank and then Multiply 36.3 times the Per Thousand rate of what every you are applying. In this case it is 1.8 oz to get 65.45 oz If it were 0.75 0z Times 36.3 = 27.225 or 27 1/4 oz etc then fill your tank to the 25 gallon mark.

A 10% error is acceptable as a human factor when applying. However that Human error should be in application error not a math mixing error.


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