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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
I'm not your big lazy fat ass kind of guy...I look good on a bike, lol.

It's only about a mile to their house and half of it is across my rear acreage....the rest is downhill. I got the job BTW. The guy was new to the area and had seen me and my truck at the post office and wrote down my number. But I've taken the bike, the VW van, a Taurus station wagon, the Honda station wagon and trucks. I've usually got at least 3 vehicles to choose from but it's usually my truck these days. It doesn't seem to matter. I tell them what I'm driving on the phone when I call to confirm my appointment so they know.
I have 4 vehicles to pick from and I just drive what I feel like driving. It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. When I bought my last dump truck brand new I got lots of comments from clients that I service on a regular basis. All the comments were basically saying "you charge me too much if you drive a nice truck like that". So am I not supposed to buy new vehicles to grow my business? There were so many comments about the dump truck that I have a set of stainless wheel simulators setting in my shop but I won't put them on because I don't want to draw anymore attention.

So I usually take my 02' 2500hd pick up. It has no modifications to it and is just a clean pick up. However, sometimes I take my Camaro (383 stroker and loud) and never get any comments about it.

I think as long as you are not pulling up in a jalopy and have plenty of pictures to show your work, most people don't care what you pull up in for a bid. With that said, I make sure that my pictures show the jobs in progress and that way the potential client can see I have the equipment to do the job right.
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