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Originally Posted by Walker Lawn & Landscaping View Post
wow thanks for the tip i knew the clutches had some problems but i didn't realize they were so expensive. the terrain is totally flat but rough, for comparison would the ztr mow considerably faster given conditions? and will a ztr handle as tall of grass(every other week) as the cub given the ztr would most likely be 60" 27hp. as you have ran both what would you use? great info, very helpfull thanks again
Because of the large diameter of the rear wheels on the 154, a z will never ride as smoothly. The diameter of front wheels on the 154 is almost as large as the rear wheels of the Z. The larger wheels/tires on the tractor allow it to "roll over" a lot of dips instead of going down in them.

If both are using a 60" deck, a 27 hp Z will outperform the tractor in "cutting ability". The tractor's hp varies from 18 to the very low 20's depending on model and carb. The tractor also weighs a lot more than a Z.

I also wanted to make sure that you understood the 1600.00 deck clutch is for running the deck....not the main transmission clutch. A lot of those tractors were sold with the buyer thinking all he had to do was put a deck belt on and go, just to find out it was going to cost 1600.00.
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