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Originally Posted by all ferris View Post
I have 4 vehicles to pick from and I just drive what I feel like driving. It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. When I bought my last dump truck brand new I got lots of comments from clients that I service on a regular basis. All the comments were basically saying "you charge me too much if you drive a nice truck like that". So am I not supposed to buy new vehicles to grow my business? There were so many comments about the dump truck that I have a set of stainless wheel simulators setting in my shop but I won't put them on because I don't want to draw anymore attention. .
Yeah.... My attitude with people who say stuff like that is basically F%#& You! I work my ass off to be able to afford what I own and what I drive so if a potential client has that attitude then that tells me that they aren't the kind of person who I want to work for.
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