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I have debated this and havent been able to give up my fullsize truck. I think it is very important to show up in a wrapped or lettered vehicle. It shows a commitment to your business imo. A fullsize truck gets 15 mpg, a small truck gets 20 mpg. So i really don't see the advantage vs losing capability. I have been debating a used prius that is wrapped, but then i lose alot of capability. Like jim, i like to carry a host of irrigation parts and have capacity to throw a few plants in the truck. Around here brickman and a couple tree services use prius's. They look very professional. I have never thought about them looking like a salesman's car, but is there really that much difference between a ford ranger and a prius from that aspect? And isn't a salesman/estimator what people expext when they call mid to larger company? are these people really expecting a crew to show up to give a bid? I am still debating a prius though, the seats fold down and could be organized to have some work capacity. Could even have a fancy slid out like jim. I think i could save a grand a month in fuel... But i just lose some capacity.
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