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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Not to carry on too long here as this is a "picture thread" but have you had your reel mower a year now Diamond? If so what roughly where your total cost incurred last year for maint, repairs etc?
I first had it sharpened at a golf course for $60. That was after 25 cuts on a 1/4 lot that half of that is actual turf. I charge that account $200/mo. They have literally a couple shrubs right now so the property is all cutting for right now. The guy at the course took off way too much on the spin grind. I hit a rock about 5 cuts later so I had to take it to a shop to get done again. This place specializes in Tru-cuts and they backslapped it and put a new chain on, greased, etc. That came out to $115. Keep in mind though I ran over that rock. Like I said, it costs more to maintain these mowers, but you just need to charge enough to cover those costs and make more of a profit. I'm not an expert and am still learning. Like I said before, an account that has sports turf that will pay for reel cutting is going to be a high dollar account and a lot of times it's not a lot of turf so doing this gets you in that game.
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