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Originally Posted by Gr8WhiteNorth View Post
now if there was only a way to change the other 8 trucks out to prius fuel economy and without sacrificing utility.
I once had an RV salesperson tell me that my Durango SUV can pull a 5th wheel. The WOMAN was very persistent on it too. In her world, you could install a hitch on the roof (and reinforce it) of a Prius. However, you'll probably get worse mileage and that's not taking it on the highway hauling a few tons.

6L/100km is worst case winter driving conditions. Most folks that I know who own one get in the 4.5 to 5L/100km range. Mind you, they drive it frugal.

My 5.9L V8 dodge eats more than 21L/100km. I get 23.4L/100km, roughly 10mpg, towing 2.5 tons or roughly it's own weight in 100% city driving.
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