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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
I have priced it in down here. I just figured that the soil temps tend to get to that almost right range ( about 80 degrees) for our warm season turfs in March almost every and things start growing. A lot of accounts actually start needing weekly mowing especially after the urea cowboys get them going. If they don't they don't they don't but most likely there is something on the property that we can get a head start on before the heat arrives or something we neglected a little too much in the winter that needs touched up now
. Throw a few door hangers out here and there, pick up a few extra thousand a year because you are out and about and able to be seen by those looking. This is the time of year I think most lawn turds get replaced. The customer has just sent his check in for the March Services, looks out at his lawn, sees a combination of the grass growing faster, winter weeds that have been established as well as possibly a few spring weeds popping up that have not been cut.......IN HIS mind after paying you all winter for not mowing the grass but a few times he is pissed. He looks out his window and see's another LCO servicing his neighbors property and gets a quote and pisses and moans in the LCO's ear about everything you ever did wrong and then tells the other LCO to start and gives you a call to let you know that your services are no longer needed.

Chalk one up for the lawn turd with a fire in his belly for money ....mark down a loss for the lawn professional that fails to change his schedule to fit the current demands of the turf.

The way I figure it is a rough number of cuts per year. Some months you can go once a month during the winter, others you can't, as long as the property owner looks outside and it looks good. You win....if they do not like what they lose!
It's a little different down here. We still pretty much have to cut 2x in the winter. It just doesn't get as cold down here as up in central and north. Plus, even if it's a week I'm supposed to cut and it doesn't need it, I'm showing up to do whatever else needs done. There are a lot of companies down here that show up every week in the winter no matter what. When you factor in the summer time, how much the account is(~$150 or less per month), your not really making a whole lot of money. Not saying your business is this way, just that a lot of guys here do things like that and wonder why they aren't making much money. If you've verbalized some kind of agreement with a customer, sure I guess you got to do whatever. If you've given them a written agreement that outlines everything they get for a certain price, they have no legitimate right to complain bc it's in writing and if they want things above and beyond, they need to pay.
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