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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
In comparison to the last couple of years we had a pretty mild winter so the turf really needed to be cut here every two weeks on most properties this year. The exception is those that had bad brown patch and or those who have little to no proper fertilization and care. These along with my few bahia accounts are actually the most profitable as many of them have not been touched since Mid to Late October on the Turf.

The longer and longer I do this I find that sometimes the superior lawn and property does not always mean superior profits. I used to shy away from Bahia lawns as they suck to mow, generally are dusty and the home owners who have bahia generally are not too keen on turf quality. As long as they agree to my amount per is grand. I am actually kicking myself in the tale for not agreeing to take more of these accounts on sooner. I know that I am not going to get a lawn turd award for maintaining them...but at this point I really do not care because I have figured out that the old bank account matters a little more than my pride.

My focus this year is on growing inside the subdivisions that we are already in. With Gas approaching $4 quickly it only makes sense to me to do so. Also at this point we are really maxed out for me and a helper. Any more outlying our regular route I do not feel are going to be valuable in the long run. Next year if all goes as planned...a new trailer and truck will be on the road. The thing is I figured out that expansion of any sorts is good if it is profitable, crappy looking lawn to excellent lawns.
I do agree with the crappy vs nice to a certain dollar amount. IMO, $250/mo and lower nice lawns are really not as profitable gross wise on the maintenance. They take longer and have higher expectations. The flip side is they will probably spend more on extras through the year where the crappy lawn will prob be maintenance only. The $300/mo and up crowd IMO is where you make good money. At least for me down here. Again, people can price these wrong, but these people typically won't go with lowballers. They are more apt to spend more with a legit company.
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