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Originally Posted by Gr8WhiteNorth View Post
I put about 40-50,000 km per year on my truck. I estimate full time. About half of my week will be spent number crunching and designing in the office. Our service range is 100 miles or 160 km in each direction.

Quick math- Prius @ 6 liters/100 km @ 40000km per year = 400 x 6 litres = 2400 litres
2400 litres x $1.20/litre = $2,880 total fuel for the year.

2008 F350 diesel = 21/litres/100km @ 40000km per year = 400 x 21 litres = 8400 litres
8400 litres x $1.30/litre = $10,920

Total savings would be $8,040 per year.

wow. this is pretty significant savings. now if there was only a way to change the other 8 trucks out to prius fuel economy and without sacrificing utility.

Your numbers are really close to my estimate of fuel savings. A nice used prius costs 12-15k + $2k to wrap... so it would pay for itself in less than 2 years. I think it would be more comfortable and easier to drive than a fullsize truck.

I just find myself picking up a few extra plants every once in a while that I might have forgot to add to a delivery. And it is really nice having a stocked irrigation truck, when checking on an install crew or service crew. Plus, I tend to move equipment around once or twice a month...

What is that new F150 with the turbo V6 motor getting? The perfect answer is really a toyota tacoma style truck with a diesel motor.
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