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correction on hp rating on 154 Cub Loboy

Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
Because of the large diameter of the rear wheels on the 154, a z will never ride as smoothly. The diameter of front wheels on the 154 is almost as large as the rear wheels of the Z. The larger wheels/tires on the tractor allow it to "roll over" a lot of dips instead of going down in them.

If both are using a 60" deck, a 27 hp Z will outperform the tractor in "cutting ability". The tractor's hp varies from 18 to the very low 20's depending on model and carb. The tractor also weighs a lot more than a Z.

I also wanted to make sure that you understood the 1600.00 deck clutch is for running the deck....not the main transmission clutch. A lot of those tractors were sold with the buyer thinking all he had to do was put a deck belt on and go, just to find out it was going to cost 1600.00.
Had a "senior moment" when quoting the horsepower ratings on the Cub "Loboy" series. They actually range from 15 to 18 depending on a few variables such as carb, governor setting's etc. The little 4 cylinders felt like more to most people included.
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