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Lawnranger, The mowman is just trying to get a balance. Trying to figure out how to get a cusomer conversation down to 5 minutes after you finish the yard and still keep them happy. I have mine trained after the first year. For one, never interupt me when I am working just to talk. Sweat pouring on me and you just want to yap, no way. Besides it breaks my rhythem and makes the yard seem that much longer. Now at the end of the job when i go to get my money. I will have a five minute conversation with them and then tell them I have plenty of yards to do and I have to run. But its just plain rude of the customer to interrupt you in the middle of the job for no reason. And its rude of them to try to keep you for more than 5 minutes after you finish. You lose more than an hour of the day talking to customers and thats alot of money. Just tell them you have to go with a smile and they will soon catch on that you are a business man and not their yard boy. I have never lost a customer this way and they all remain friends with me. I have said this on the forum before. Some customers get overly friendly and try to treat you like on of their family. So you will NEVER go up in price on them lol. And if you do you may hurt their feelings. Try to be as business like as you can. Keep business seperated from pleasure. I have said i know a lawn man who never went up on his customers because he like them soo much. His business soon failed<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Charles
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