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what could I possibly be missing

I understand different areas charge different prices but what the *^&* how can anybody or myself be missing this. I run a 48 walker yes i know its slow ive had some experiences with the fast stand behinds 54 in but it would take me 1 hour going 5 mph with the walker to mow (landscaped) 1 acre of grass 43,500 sqft or whatever it is and you could probably say 45-50 min with a stand behind. I know for a fact that the bigger lawn companys around here charge $180 for 1 acre mow and trim and personally I charge 120 mow and trim or $99 just to mow what can I possibly be missing or how on earth could someone charge even $20 an acre people slam lowballers on here all the time but if I could sub out all my work based even on $50 an acre I sh!t you not I promise I would be richer than anyone one here or in my area period. My avg lawn is 15k sqft of grass and my avg price is $45+tx. So can somebody please tell me what could I possibly be missing. Would I touch 33 acres? Yes! For absolutly anything less than $2640 + tax put the contract in front of me and not a chance in the world would I take it after overhead, paying employees and myself plus the very soon replacement of the equipment not worth it.
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