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any time you start a business you will recive a ton of sales calls.

one day I took over 37 sales calls.

there are many types of business. in fact, one way I jumped ahead of my comp. was I subbed out a lot of work.

after you do all your math, AND I MEAN ALL OF IT. run your numbers.
you will find your around 20%

ok now ask you self a Question ?

would I Be willing to only take 20% of this JOB ?

If so, then do the same thing that there doing, give your jobs to another company and you take the 20%.

If your a hustler, " rather a GO getter " then dont mess with payine someone to get you jobs. you go get them.

REmemebr: These companys dont care if you work or not, they only care if you PAY THEM.....

I personaly dont use anyone to get me jobs. never have and never will.

And most of the time I inform these types of calls to put me on there do not call list.

Best of luck
Dont even talk to people who cant purchase your product or service.........Dave Thomas.
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