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exmarkman, I want to say first that I don't want to get into an unprofessional namecalling arguement with you. One thing I do agree with you on is that grandstands have a slower ground speed from the factory(which can be remedied by the way) than the lazers.

I (and others I would imagine) would like to see evidence of the problems you are having with the vantage instead of just saying they "suck" which is not helpful anyone on this forum who is seeking opinions based on real world head to head situations with these machines.
I own and run a 60" exmark Lazer Z and both a 52 " and a 60 "grandstand. I have been running the lazers since 01 and the grandstands since last year. I agree with yardman and the many others that have given reviews on this topic that the vantage AKA grandstand is a better mower compared to a similar deck size exmark lazer.

But for the sake of understanding why you have such a bad opinion of this machine, I am curious to see video of both mowers owned and operated by the you in the same real-world head to head situations illustrating the problems you are having with the vantage. Concerning the hill arguement, when I bought my grandstands, I did this with my lazer and the grandstand on the same exact hill going the same exact pattern using the same exact techniques that I have described in a few of the threads on this forum. I proved to myself (because I don't listen to pushy sales people who in this case turned out to be right about their claims) that the grandstand was the best mower in every way that I tested them side by side and same mower to same mower.

Please do understand that I still think that a sit-down ztr can hold hills and go closely around trees and do leaf removal well. I just have evidence that the grandstand does it better. Lets try not to be critical of each other and discuss this objectively and professionally
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