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Thanks for starting this thread and the links. I didn't see homeowners had an area and that we weren't supposed to post on other threads. My apologies to any LCO that was inconvenienced by my posts.

This forum is the only place that I have found any updates on what Dupont is doing. They aren't informing my LCO and when I call, they say be patient.

I don't want a fortune. I want my yard to look like it did before it was treated with Imprelis and thats not going to happen. I have dead pine trees and pine trees that look like aliens. My peach tree is toasted and my weeping willow? Before the leaves fell off, the leaf went from single leaf to triple, all grown together.

We took good care of our trees and paid huge water bills in drought summers to keep them healthy. I consider that part of reimbursement.

Something else that is bothering me and unless you are an animal lover, you won't understand. My back white pine has been my burial ground for my pets. The thought of them being dug up breaks my heart. That tree might will just be leveled at the stump.

Star, please keep me posted. Seems you have an inside on whats happening and I do appreciate it. When I get an offer, I'll share. Dupont is in no hurry and I won't rush to settle.
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