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Originally Posted by exmarkman11 View Post
Exmark is the leading commercial mowing manufacture. It outsells everything else big time. Scag is second place and exmark outsells them 2 to 1. Toro bought exmark just to steal their superior design. If anything exmark is a worse mower now that toro owns them. Don't make up bullshit

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"Believe me I don't think exmark is the best anymore. Scag, grasshopper, and the new ferris with suspension and icd deck are all better"

Exmarkman I am not trying to be a jerk but you may want to look back at what you are writing and make sure you are saying what you really want to say in a way that gets the point across less agressively. You just said two opposite things that are very very opinionated and when you use words like "bullshit" and the like that seems to be what starts pointless arguements like earlier in this thread and you make yourself sound really un-professional and confrontational. Just trying to help you avoid issues with people that's all.
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